It's happening! Online Budgeting Workshop

This Master Your Budget Workshop Will Help You
Take Control Of Your Finances By Giving You Simple, Step By Step And Practical Tools To Manage Your Personal Finances Like A Boss, By Understanding And Implementing The Art Of Budgeting

  • Master Your budget Workshop is ONLY for people who: 1) Play full out 2) Willing to be coached 3) are committed to the journey 4) willing to make short term sacrifices for long term gains. If you can effortlessly do these four things, this may be a perfect fit for you!
  • Master Your budget Workshop is for those people earning and ready to fix up and start managing their finances instead of their finances managing them.
  • This isn't for people looking for a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme. This is for people who want to go on a journey to build real and long lasting wealth. 
  • This workshop is for people who want to be financially free, and those who just want to live within their means, organise their finances, create a budget and stick to it, not have debt and save money for short and long term goals.
  • This workshop is ideal for people who have failed at budgeting, hate budgeting or already budget but would like to get more tips on how to improve their budget!

It's happening! Online Budgeting Workshop

No body but you can care  more about your finances!

This Budgeting Workshop has a no non-sense approach to financial get-it-to-together!
It provides you with easy to follow solutions that will help you get organised, save, become debt free and invest into your future.
Here is what people are saying about Boss Of My Money...

This Will Be The Only Budgeting Workshop You Will Ever Have To Attend!


The best money advice given to me by Esther is to avoid getting into debt, If you don’t have the money for something you can’t afford it. Don’t take out a loan or a credit to pay for it. Esther is dedicated to help people, especially women to learn to change their financial circumstance. Her passion and logical actions makes her a good coach. She always encourages the Individual to come to their own conclusion with guidance. You should consider working with Esther because she is very well Informed and stays up to date with all things finances. Esther is also transparent with your own journey and finances, which allows you to trust and open up to her.




The best money advice given by BOMM is, 'actions speak louder! You deserve the best, so act like it and pay yourself first. That shows you are the boss of your money. It's highly likely that what ever financial challenge you are going through Esther has experienced it. BOMM practices what BOMM preaches. BOMM provides tailored advice by first knowing your situation and work with you to create a plan to develop good financial habits.

Senior Project Manager


The best money advice Esther gave me was to go back to basics, make each pound ‘work’, create different pots for different savings and to create an ‘enjoyment fund’ to prevent going wild when treating myself. Literally within a month I’ve seen a difference in my approach to spending/saving and every pound ‘worked’. Esther is a great listener and gives excellent practical advice that’s based on what you need but also what works. If you really want to change your finances and have firm but kind accountability partner, I’d highly recommend Esther. 

International policy analyst 

Why You Need This Budgeting Workshop? And Why Now Is The Greatest Time To Join?


Learn the number one rule of financial freedom

Most people never take action to change their financial circumstance because they feel it's complicated or they lack the information to do so. Well, I make it easy for you by telling you exactly what you need to do to get the results you need to improve your finances.


Break through 

Esther believes that no matter how long you have managed your finances poorly, you can change this within a short period of time with this Mastermind. 


Money Mastery from someone who is just like you! 

One of the reasons Esther is success with financial coaching is that she has walked in the shoes of her fans, and understands their struggle with changing habits and maintaining discipline.


Proximity to a financial coach who teaches you how to become your own financial adviser! 

The best way to manage your finance is to manage it yourself. Esther is about helping people to become their own financial adviser by teaching them financial principles which were not taught in school or at home!


Personalised Budgeting

Because one size doesn't fit all, Esther will give you time during the session to complete a personalised budget and work with you step by step to make it simple and workable.


Success plan 

At the end of the Mastermind you will have a success plan, specific to your money challenges, goals and situation that will allow you to have continuous success with your budget years after attending this session!

Finally! A Budgeting Workshop For Those Who Really Want To Improve Their Finances!

This Budgeting Workshop Is For Those Who Are Fed Up Of Not Being Able To Manage Their Finances, And Don't Know Where To Start With It. Our Budgeting Workshop Is What You Need!

Here's Just A Fraction Of What You Will Get When You Attend Our Master Your Budget Workshop!

  • A personalised budget
  • A success plan to help your stick to your budget
  • A workbook to take away with you with lots of useful budgeting worksheet

Plus You're Getting These Amazing Bonuses As Well As When You Join Today:

  • The option to join our Budgeting Private Facebook Group for ongoing support and accountability
  • Plus after making your order today, I will throw in a Cash Only Budgeting training also known as the ‘Envelope system’ to give you an alternative way to budget with cash.As you will learn, envelope budgeting is a brilliant way for people who want to physically see what they spend on and prefer using cash.

*Important Note:  due to the quality of these sessions the available places on this session

are strictly limited to 4! Reserve your spot now for the next masterclass!


If you attend the course and are not happy, request and full refund within 24hrs of attending the masterclass and we will refund you immediately! 

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This Budgeting Workshop Is For Those Who Are Fed Up Of Not Being Able To Manage Their Finances, And Don't Know Where To Start With It. Our Budgeting Workshop Is What You Need!