Need some help creating a budget that works? We got you!

But who says budgeting has to be a chore? This course focuses on how to make your current budget better and easier to stick to.

What you’ll learn and What's included with your course:

  • How to create an easy system to help you succeed with your budget
  • Bite-sized explainer videos & live coaching call replay
  • Applicable infographics & worksheets
  • Access to the Clever Girl Finance community, book club and approved resources
  • The option to schedule free calls with a Clever Girl Finance mentor

Meet Your Instructors
Esther Bangura / Bola Sokunbi

Esther Bangura is a budgeting expert and has used budgeting to cut expenses, pay her self first and pay off over £8,000 of debts in just 10 months. She believes that budgeting is the foundation of a successful financial plan and is passionate about helping women turn the finances around by teaching them the art of budgeting and most importantly how to create a budget they can stick to.

Her Clever Girl superpower:
Is her ability to walk in her truth and creating a safe space for others to do the same

Bola is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), money expert and the founder of Clever Girl Finance. She's passionate about helping women take control of their money so they can live life on their own terms.

Her Clever Girl superpower:
She bakes an epic banana bread and is mom to boy / girl twins!