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By estherbangura | Budgeting

Sep 16

Be The Exception

Firstly, congratulations for getting into University. Well done! Be proud. It’s a big thing! Secondly, I want you to win as a student, this stuff works - but you first have to decide ‘I ain't going to be a broke student’. You then have to implement the 10 tips below. Do your monthly and weekly budget, take on the savings challenge, pay yourself first, deposit money into your emergency saving account consistently.

By applying these Boss Of My Money (BOMM) principles to managing your finances you will have one less stress to think about- Money! And really stay focused on acing those essays and exams!

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    Look Back and be proud!

    I wish you all the best at University. Make it count. Do your best and then some! Live your truth! You can do whatever you set your mind to! You are not alone, share what you are going through with the right people. Create an environment for success. If you mess up, so what? Who hasn’t? Learn from it and do better next time! Put yourself in a position where you can look back in 3 years’ time and say, ‘I would do that all over again’. Stop by anytime for more budgeting and personal finance management. 

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